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A Story of Hope: Sharon Donohoe

Thank you to Sharon Donohoe for sharing her story of hope.

BCRC Client Sharon Donohoe

The Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara (BCRC) fosters hope when it’s needed most, and right now our support services are more critical than ever.

At this time when there is such a need for human connection, the BCRC is here to listen, empower, inspire as well as provide practical support, guidance and resources from diagnosis through survivorship. We offer a hand to grasp as clients stare down an unimaginable path.

The BCRC is continuing to provide our support services virtually so our clients can stay connected through support groups, meditation, education programs, wellness phone calls as well as an upcoming week-long webinar series.

The best way to understand the impact of the BCRC is through the voices of our grateful and courageous clients who have experienced our programs and support community throughout their unique journey. We are grateful to Sharon Donohoe for sharing her story.

Help us to continue to foster hope! Your donations ensure the BCRC can offer all of our essential services free of charge, which is particularly important during these challenging times. Your donation makes a difference!

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