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Autumn Brands raises $25,000 for BCRC

BCRC is grateful to Autumn Brands for their generous gift and support of individuals in our community facing breast cancer!

Autumn Brands Donation to BCRC

Throughout the month of October, Autumn Brands pledged proceeds to the Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara. Inviting Their customers to join in the fight, these cultivators pledged $.50 cents from every jar featuring the pink tamper seal to BCRC. 

Their generous donation was recently featured in a Santa Barbara News Press Article:

Thanks to our community and California dispensaries, we are thrilled to announce the donation of $25,000 to the local Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Resource Center!

“One in eight women get breast cancer, and the degrees of separation are very small with someone you know who has it, has recovered or didn’t make it,” Ms. Shelton said. “There’s a chance for any of us one day that we will also have breast cancer.”

For this reason, the co-owner said she’d been wanting to do a fundraiser like this to raise awareness for breast cancer for a number of years. 

“This is just a really, really important cause for us to be able to provide support to our local Breast Cancer Resource Center, and what they’re able to do and provide support to people who can’t afford it, especially during the time of a pandemic,” Ms. Shelton concluded. “Support is needed now more than ever.”

Silvana Kelly, the executive director of the BCRC, told the News-Press that for the last 23 years, the center has only existed because of a supportive community. 

“We have not had to depend upon nor do we depend upon any state or federal funds, so it’s really surprising that we’ve been able to do this for so long just on the community support we receive,” she said. “That is the backbone of what carried us forward for the last 23 years.” READ MORE

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