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BCRC 2020 Volunteer of the Year: Bill McMillan

BCRC is thrilled to announce Bill McMillan as our Volunteer of the Year for 2020!

BCRC is thrilled to announce Bill McMillan as our Volunteer of the Year for 2020!

Bill is the BCRC Qigong facilitator and has been a devoted BCRC Volunteer since 2019. Every Thursday at 11:00 he leads an hour of Qigong – meditation through movement, aimed at improving well-being with mind-body-spirit practices. Bill not only volunteers his time but generously offers his knowledge, experience, patience, compassion and healing presence to the clients of the BCRC. When all of the BCRC wellness programs transitioned to virtual during the pandemic, Bill didn’t skip a beat offering his weekly Qigong classes through Zoom.

Bill is completely devoted to the clients of the BCRC, he is kind, considerate, and always cognizant of how each person is feeling. He always takes his time in answering their questions during the session and outside of the session.  He sends articles on the practice of Qigong and alerts us to any other Qigong lectures or  opportunities to learn within the community. Bill continues his own education by attending classes. 

Under Bill’s guidance, Qigong has become a very popular BCRC program and the clients often share how much this class supports their well being. A client recently shared with Pam  “I can feel myself being healed in Bill’s class.”   

Bill is a retired M.F.T. with over twenty years experience specializing in working with families, individuals, and veterans. He is certified Yuan Gong Qigong teacher and has taught in many settings including the Cancer Center of Marin General Hospital.  

Bill moved to Santa Barbara with his wife Kim Shelton and immediately reached out to bring his experience with Yuan Gong and mindfulness based stress reduction to the Breast Cancer Resource Center. 

Qigong has been described as a mind-body-spirit  practice that can help to improve one’s overall  well-being through slow-flowing movement,  deep rhythmic breathing and focused intent.  If you are not already attending you can join Bill on Thursdays for this meditation and energy work through gentle movement.  Please contact Pam at [email protected] to get the zoom login.

The BCRC is grateful to Bill McMillan for his years of devoted volunteer service and for all that he has done to enrich the lives of individuals on their healing path with Breast Cancer. On behalf of the entire BCRC family we celebrate and honor our beloved, Bill McMillan as BCRC Volunteer of the Year 2020!

Bill McMillan, Qigong- Meditation through Movement for BCRC’s PINK WEEK 2020

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