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Evie Sullivan: Founding Mother, Treasurer, and Volunteer for Life

Evie Sullivan is a BCRC Founding Mother, Treasurer, Volunteer for Life and tireless champion of the BCRC and individuals facing breast cancer.

Evie Sullivan, BCRC

This Volunteer Appreciation Week, we would like to celebrate and honor a woman who is so important to both the history as well as the current journey of the BCRC. Evie Sullivan is a BCRC “Founding Mother”, Treasurer, self-titled “Volunteer for Life” and tireless champion of the BCRC and individuals facing breast cancer.

Evie was a volunteer for the local American Cancer Society when she heard about a meeting to discuss support services for those with breast cancer.  A community group of cancer survivors, physicians, integrative care practitioners, and interested community members, gathered together in 1996 and began to envision a community resource for those dealing with breast cancer. They shared ideas about creating a place that would offer support services for those with breast cancer and information about breast health issues. Evie Sullivan attended that meeting along with several others.  It was then that she raised her hand to volunteer and help the BCRC get its start.  She joined with the other BCRC Founding Mothers Nancy Oster, Nancy Sweet, Judy Blanco, Debbie Hobler, Sharon Kennedy, Dorothy Shea, Ellen Fogel, Susan Forkush, and Dr. Susan Love to create the vision for the BCRC, and with the help and support of many others, opened the doors in 1997.  Evie having worked as a business administrator said she ‘could balance a checkbook’ and so she became the BCRC Treasurer.  Dorothy Shea donated rent free a little cottage on Pueblo Street, and the rest is history.

From the moment the BCRC opened its doors Evie has been the Treasurer.  She has helped to keep the BCRC financially viable by managing the finances and keeping it in the black, but also as a donor because she believes in the BCRC mission.

Silvana Kelly, BCRC Executive Director has worked closely with Evie for years. “When I first met Ms. Evie in 2005, I knew we would get along and work well together – she had a sharp mind, a bit of NYC sass which I loved, and an easy smile that warmed my heart.  Little did I know we would be become great friends. Despite our age difference I feel we are contemporaries and we share a love of learning, reading, traveling and enjoying life.  I look to her for guidance and appreciate the wisdom she imparts to help me get through the rough patches in life and work.  When I think of Evie it is easy to hear her voice in my mind saying “Think good thoughts” and to follow her example it would be to also “do good deeds.”

Thank you Evie for being one of our “Founding Mothers” and for all of your years of dedicated and tireless service on behalf of the BCRC and individuals facing breast cancer.

Join Evie as a BCRC donor and show your support by giving today.


Frederica Welch says:

Often over the last 20 odd years when I have been at the BCRC offering
Reiki, Evie comes into the Center. During our break we see her in the main area or she pops her head into the Reiki room. It is always a joyful boost to see Evie’s smiling face and her enthusiasm as she greets all of us. She infuses a great big dose of joy among all of us at the Center. What isn’t so evident among us is her tireless contribution toward her record keeping of financial matters because she just accomplishes it with quiet dedication. Love to you Evie and congratulations for this well deserved honor.

HELLO EVIE…you are an example of LOVE. My congratulations for all your time in volunteering at BCRC. You have been outstanding. I also remember your wonderful dog. You would bring him to the office at the little 🏠. Or I would see both of you walking in the neighborhood. With WARMEST good wishes.. Val Voros. We moved to Valle Verde in February.

Doris Clancy says:

Well my New York friend , an honor well deserved !! We met through our beloved dogs, Sam and Brady becoming best of friends, and now you are Auntie Evie to our Kitty . We’ve been there for each other through the years and value our friendship more all the time. A life well lived and a job well done, you deserve all the recognition, and all our love!
Your Fellow New Yorkers
Doris and Gary

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