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Healthy Holiday Inspiration from Rooted Santa Barbara

Some healthy inspiration for the holiday season from Rooted Santa Barbara.

Rooted Santa Barbara

As we find ourselves in the middle of this holiday season with treats, temptations, and decadent meals seemingly everywhere, we thought it was a good time to look back at some inspiration from Rooted Santa Barbara about healthy, plant-based nutrition. This session was part of the BCRC’s Self-Care Day this past Pink Week in October.

In this video Rooted Santa Barbara’s plant-based nutrition and culinary educator Emma Malina and Professor George Ayoub, PhD share information about nutrition and the power plant-based eating to heal and care for our bodies.

So while those holiday treats may still be whispering our names, perhaps we can all be inspired and empowered to make healthier choices this year, and be kind to ourselves with the gift of nutritious and healing foods.

Thank you to Emma Malina, Professor George Ayoub and Rooted Santa Barbara, for all that you do and for being an important community partner for the BCRC.

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