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Live, Learn, Lunch: Rituals for our Lives

In case you missed the BCRC Live Learn Lunch on Rituals with Guest speaker Rev. Kristen Rohm, Spiritual Advisor for Hospice of Santa Barbara, here are some highlights from the session.

BCRC LLL Rituals

BCRC hosted a wonderful Live Learn Lunch on January 8, 2021 on Rituals with Guest speaker Rev. Kristen Rohm, Spiritual Advisor for Hospice of Santa Barbara. The session left us with some wonderful tips on how to bring rituals into our lives, whether they be daily, weekly, monthly or annually.  I loved hearing  all of your personal rituals, 3 kisses from a partner before bedtime, being in nature,  making soup with grandchildren, bedtime stories with children, morning meditation, weekly ocean swim with friends, tucking your spouse into bed each night, discussing our day at dinner; all of these have inspired me to add more rituals into my own life.  As we know, and learned there are so many light hearted rituals and then some more focused, where structure can help.  I  noted just a few take away points that may help you begin a new ritual.  

Give your ritual some structure :

·        Open – Create an opening to your ritual by perhaps lighting a candle  or with music, 3 deep breaths or another way that feels right to you. With a standard opening and closing, you slip right into the routine as though it were second nature.

·        Intention – Set your own personal intention. Perhaps it’s to ground your day, or bring relaxation, confidence.

·        Center  – (Between the opening and closing), you can change this part up each time. The center is where you would customize it to be relevant to your purpose.  You can get creative with this part depending on your feelings that day and your personal reason for the ritual.

·        Closing  – Blow out the candle, stop the music, or take a few deep breaths.

You can also begin  a ritual by asking yourself:

Is there anything calling out for my attention?

·        Name it

·        Explore it

·        Let it go or bring it in

Have fun! Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what new ritual you have incorporated into your life.


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