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Community Outreach

Educating women about breast health (breast self-exam techniques) and screening—from our young women to our seniors—especially those who my have limited or no access to education or care.

Women must know that if a lesion is mammographically detected during the early development stage, the chance of survival and/or cure rate is raised to a dramatic 95% or more. This is a major improvement over today's variable survival rates among different ethnic groups, ranging from 55% to 79%—because many of them are discovering breast cancer too late. Attention is given to these various ethnic groups in the field outreach program.

Our philosophy is that by instilling confidence and educating women about breast health they will be empowered to self-advocate and better able to make informed decisions, and find comfort in actively participating in their healthcare, cancer treatment, and survivorship.

The Field Health Outreach Program retains an English/Spanish-speaking health educator who works in the field to promote BCRC resources, breast health awareness, early cancer detection, and provides support to access mammogram screening programs.

The Field Outreach Health Program is made possible through funding by Avon Foundation.