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Redefining life's circumstance from suvivor to thriver.

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Uplift the mind, body, and spirit.

We help clients grow in a mindful, healthy way during and after treatment by providing practical life tools, self-care, and resources to uplift the mind, body, and spirit.

There is much discussion about when survivorship starts—some say it is at the time of diagnosis, and others, once treatment has ended, or living everyday with Metastatic Brest Cancer. Regardless the viewpoint, our Survivor/Thriver Wellness Program is available anytime a client can benefit from it.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I didn't have the energy to explore support resources. Afterward, I found that going back to normal life was not so simple. Then, I discovered the BCRC. The support and the survivor wellness has been enlightening. I am thankful to be in good health today.” Colleen R, Client

We offer an enriching salon style program called Live, Learn, Lunch. This interactive take on a “brown bag” course is designed to be engaging, fun, and uplifting while learning something new and relevant. All survivors and people on their journey with breast cancer are welcome to attend. BCRC will provide beverages. Participants only need to bring their own sack lunch. Join us the first Friday of each month and as we gather over the lunch hour for a casual get together featuring a new discussion topic each month.

Throughout the year a variety of survivor/thriver wellness sessions are offered which focus on enhancing a sense of well-being, self-care, and health. Innovative courses teach clients a combination of research-based mind-body healing techniques to help one adeptly deal with the physical and emotional challenges of life during or after cancer treatment.

Services we offer tailored to women surviving breast cancer: