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Lymphedema Massage

This hand-on massage aids in and stimulates lymphatic drainage to promote a healthy circulation of the body's lymph fluid.

This hand-on massage may aid in and stimulate lymphatic circulation to promote a healthy circulation of the body's lymph fluid.

The lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining the balance of fluid between the tissues and blood, and forms part of the body’s immune system to defend against illness. When a lymphatic blockage occurs, it can cause lymph fluid to build up and cause swelling, which can lead to compromised areas of the body feeling congested or stiff.

The massage does not replace medical therapy, diagnosis, or medical treatment by a licensed medical professional with specialized training in complete decongestive therapy for lymphedema. Please consult your physician or oncologist if you have any questions about your condition or are experiencing edema (swelling).

BCRC offers Lymphatic Massage by a certified massage therapist to those who are undergoing or have had treatment for breast cancer. This hands-on massage consists of a gentle rhythmic glide to help guide the lymph away from congested areas towards lymph nodes that can process the lymph and relieve swelling. The muscle tissue is not manipulated. Lymphatic massage can be soothing, relaxing and encourages an overall feeling of body wellness.

Lymphatic Massage does not replace medical treatment. If you are experiencing edema (swelling) please contact your physician or oncologist.

Sessions are offered on the first Thursday of each month. Call us to set up a complementary appointment.

Learn how to do self-lymphatic massage with Michelle Folsom PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, NCS Certified.