Peer Counseling for Women Going Through Breast Cancer Treatment | Breast Cancer Resource Center

Peer Counseling

We are here to listen, offer a healthy perspective and grounding, soothe fears, offer coping tools, and equip clients with information so you can feel confident in advocating for yourself. We help you find the strength to carry on and deal with the treatment process and healing.

We find that clients—women and men—like to talk with someone who has been there. So, it is no surprise that the most utilized BCRC service is the Peer Counseling service—whether by telephone or walk-in visit at the center. We offer one-on-one peer counseling, emotional support, lay patient navigation, while addressing practical needs and gathering pertinent educational information. We help you access resources regarding breast cancer care and act as “what's next” navigator, accessing a treatment team: breast surgeon, oncologist, radiologist, breast reconstruction surgeons, etc. Or simply help clients find and establish a physician care home base for overall breast health and wellness.

“I feel very lucky to have found the BCRC so early in my diagnosis with breast cancer. I started going to support groups immediately and found a needed guide through the harrowing life changes, decision-making, and emotional drain that is a frequent companion during diagnosis and treatment.” Alice Green, Client

The Peer Counselors and BCRC Staff are positive role models, most of whom have coped with breast cancer. We provide guidance and perspective, and help each client learn how to navigate the treatment cycle, and gain insight which instills optimism.

It is not uncommon for us to receive a client a few days prior to a scheduled breast surgery, seeking guidance, emotional support and practical information.

Sometimes just knowing another person has already traveled the path you are on, can provide great comfort and hope. Private, individual support and mentoring, guidance and comfort are offered to you by someone who has literally “been there.”

All connections made in BCRC programs are kept strictly confidential.

No appointment necessary. We welcome walk-in visits and questions by telephone. Feel free to bring your friend, spouse or partner, and/or family along with you for your visit with us.